Police say thieves targeting Audis after rash of break-ins

NOW: Police say thieves targeting Audis after rash of break-ins

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee Police are once again dealing with a rash of car break-ins, this time in the Historic Third Ward.

Police say thieves are targeting Audis because of the valet key that some owners had no idea was even in their glove box.

Milwaukee Police say they’ve had six reports of Audis getting windows smashed in the Third Ward in the last week. Nothing was taken in any of the break-ins.  In many of the incidents, the passenger side window was broken.

One Audi owner says he had his window broken into twice in the past month and is now taking matters into his own hands by posting a sign in his car window.

"It's a little frustrating. I'm strongly considering just getting a different vehicle and getting rid of my Audi. Audis are targeted more than anybody else specifically for this key issue that Audi did on their own,” says Audi owner Chris Corley.

Matt Nazari with Like Auto Glass says in addition to the nine repairs over the weekend, he’s fixed the windows in at least 60 Audis in the past month and is seeing so much demand, he’s out of glass for certain models.

“It is a problem. Our suppliers are running out. Sometimes they have it, but most of the time they have to bring it in from out of town and that requires a special freight to bring them in to accommodate our customers,” says Nazari.

Police are telling Audi drivers to remove the valet key from their glove box. In all of the incidents reported to Milwaukee Police last week, none of the cars were actually taken.

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