Police kill armed man in Greenfield

A Greenfield police shot and killed a man who officials say threatened the officer with a knife. The incident happened Wednesday evening near the intersection of 92nd & Waterford. Greenfield Police Chief Brad Wentlandt says the man who was shot was suicidal. After a roughly 90 minute standoff outside the man's home, police decided to enter, and that's when the man pulled out a knife, forcing an officer to shoot.
\"This is a tragic situation. Any loss of life is tragic  Our officer did what was necessary to protect his fellow officers at the scene. The officer involved is a two year veteran of the Greenfield Police Department. Before that, he was a community service officer with us. Under the terms of state law we've turned the investigation over the Milwaukee Police Department,\" Chief Wentlandt said.
\"As a mom, I wouldn't want my son living around here. I used to feel safe in this community. I lived here for three years. Now that there's shooting here, it scares me now,\" said neighbor Nicole Vela-Pardowski, 
There is expected to be another media briefing by officials on Thursday at 9 a.m. at the Greenfield Police Department. Stay with CBS 58 for the latest details.
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