Police issue citations following fights in Deer District Thursday

NOW: Police issue citations following fights in Deer District Thursday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Bucks' win Thursday night in Milwaukee had fans celebrating the victory. However, a few got rowdy enough in the Deer District to catch the attention of police.

That's been a rarity, even as fans have packed shoulder-to-shoulder in the Deer District.

Police issued two citations for the fights Thursday, but considering just how many people have been in the district watching games, that's just a fraction of the crowds.

Schuyler Knapp saw a small fight during Game 7 between the Bucks and Nets.

"I noticed it a few rows ahead of us, I kind of noticed a bickering argument, the players, the game, whatever," said Knapp.

He said the fight lasted around a minute before the crowd put a stop to it.

"People started getting pushed around and stuff but people moved out of the way, no one was hurt, and then other bystanders kind of stepped in and calmed things down," said Knapp.

Police broke up two fights Thursday. CBS 58's cameras caught them leading one person away, and then a short time later saw them breaking up a fist fight between another small group.

Police said they issued two citations. Knapp said he's been comfortable in the crowd.

"Did you feel safe?" asked reporter Mark Stevens. "Yeah," said Knapp.

Police said several people have been ejected by Bucks security.

"In general, the crowds have been good for the most part, with the exceptions of a few small quarrels," said a Milwaukee police spokesperson.

The Bucks tell CBS 58 they work closely with Milwaukee police and sent a statement saying in part:

"Our fans have been terrific during our playoff viewing events and we look forward to seeing them tomorrow night,” said Bucks Chief Communications Officer Barry Baum.

Saturday's crowd could be the biggest so far given the possibility the Bucks clinch their first NBA Finals appearance in 47 years.

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