Police Investigating Alleged Suicide Attempt that Turned Out to Be a Hoax

Washington County Sheriff’s Office said today they were assigned for nearly 3 hours on Friday to an alleged suicide attempt that turned out to be a hoax for attention.

Sheriff’s Office received a 911 phone call from an ex-girlfriend of the suspect who was sending text messages that he was going to kill himself.

He was texting the ex-girlfriend indicating he was at a storage facility in, or near, the Village of Richfield.

Six deputies were initially assigned to the call to try to locate the subject. We also requested the assistance of the Germantown Police Department to check storage facilities in their jurisdiction as well as Waukesha County Sheriff to check facilities near the county line.

Through the follow-up investigation, investigators were able to determine the location of a storage unit rented by the subject but he was not there.

According to police, he would not reply to any other text messages. Deputies were able to eventually locate him with his current girlfriend at a motel in the Village of Germantown.

As it turned out the 33-year-old Village of Germantown man never intended on harming himself and was trying to get a reaction from his ex-girlfriend while spending time with his current girlfriend.

The investigation was turned over to Germantown Police for enforcement action since all of the texting occurred in the Village. The sheriff’s office had personnel assigned to this call for nearly 3 hours.

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