Police Find Groom Biting Bride and Attacking Sister-in-Law during a Bloody Brawl

MUNCIE — Police arrested a groom in Indiana on his wedding night for biting his wife during a bloody brawl with his wife and sister-in-law, according to The Star Press.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance in an apartment in Muncie a little before midnight on Saturday.

The police found Dillon Jess Lane, 22, on his back on the floor with his sister-in-law and bride on top of him.

"Lane had his arms around the necks of both women," Muncie police patrolman Brian Jackson reported. "He was biting (his wife's) arms. Both women were trying to escape. Lane would not let go and had to be physically removed from the women and did not cooperate during handcuffing."

The clothing of both women, who suffered abrasions, bruises and bites, was covered in blood.

"All three were intoxicated, the house was in disarray and furniture in the house was broken," according to Jackson.

Lane's blood alcohol content was 0.41 percent, or five times higher than the 0.08 percent BAC to be considered a drunken driver.

"I did learn that (Lane's wife) and Lane were married earlier in the evening and were still celebrating when Lane became drunk and a fight later ensued," Jackson reported. "The two live together at this address."

The Delaware County Clerk issued the couple a marriage license on Friday.

He was charged with strangulation, domestic battery and battery with injury. Charges of possession of narcotics, maintaining a common nuisance and possession of paraphernalia are pending against Lane in Lawrence County (Bedford), where three years ago he pleaded guilty to public intoxication.

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