Police: Athletic Director had Sex with 16-Year-Old Student

A Franklin woman was charged with sexually assaulting a student.

Elizabeth Dillettt was charged with three counts of sexual assault of a child by a person who works with children and one count of sexual intercourse with a child age 16 or older.

According to the criminal complaint, Dillett was the athletic director, volleyball coach and track coach at St. Peter-Immanuel.

"It's something that nobody would have expected," said Michael Wolf, the spokesperson for St. Peter-Immanuel. The school teaches students from 4K through eighth grade. Wolf says Dillett was an excellent teacher.

The student is 16-years-old. Dillett was the student’s track and volleyball coach while he attended St. Peter-Immanuel. Now, the student assists Dillett in coaching the girls’ volleyball team.

Wolf says parents at the school were notified on the dismissal and charges Dillet is facing.

"We continue to keep the parents informed and enlightened that we are still doing everything we can to educate the children and also keep them safe," said Wolf.

According to the complaint, Dillett had penis to vagina sexual intercourse with the defendant on two occasions. The first occasion happened on a Saturday late in February of 2016 and the second occasion happened during the week in March 2016 at the St. Peter-Immanuel School.

The student said they used a condom on both occasions that Dillett provided.

The defendant admitted to the student’s parents that she engaged in sexual relations with the student. According to the complaint, she allegedly begged the student’s parents not to report her to authorities.

Text messages were sent by the defendant to the father begging him to keep quiet and that she would “do anything to keep her name out of the public.”

She is currently on paid administrative leave. The school is doing their best to support all parties involved. They say they are offering counseling to the victim, his family, and all students and staff.  

"It's not a win-win situation for anybody, and we're hopeful and prayerful that everybody goes through this and comes through on the other side as being better people," said Wolf.

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