'Plowed into at least three people': Witness films as SUV hits band during Waukesha parade

NOW: ’Plowed into at least three people’: Witness films as SUV hits band during Waukesha parade

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Empty lawn chairs and other abandoned items remained among the parade route in Waukesha Sunday night, Nov. 21--  reminders of a devastating day.

There are multiple people dead and several injured after an SUV drove through the Waukesha Holiday Parade route on Sunday, Nov. 21.

Angela Oboyle was at her apartment on Main Street when she started watching the Christmas parade down below.

"I realized it was a parade, stepped outside to record. And that's just when it happened," she said.

Oboyle's video is difficult to watch. It shows a red SUV head toward a marching band.

"(I) hit record just as the car started coming from Main Street just crossing Barstow. So I saw it strike the band that had just passed my apartment complex and plowed into at least three people, running over two of them. One of the two got up. The other one did not for quite some time," she said.

She said the car kept going down the block to People's Park and went through the stoplight.

Her street is now dark except for the emergency vehicles. It's filled with debris, empty lawn chairs and other belongings left behind after the chaos began.

Oboyle said it's hard to see a usually bustling street now filled with crime scene tape. She's thinking of the families who were along the parade route.

"I'm happy my kids were not here, and worried about the people who were down there and getting trampled and crushed," she said.

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