Playing Pickleball. Try It, You Might Like It!

If you like tennis or badminton or ping pong there's a different type a racket sport you could play just as well. It's called Pickleball. The game originated from Washington State 50 years ago and is said to be one of the fastest growing adult recreational sports, including in our area.

There are a few basic rules, such as staying back at least seven feet from the net, keep moving at all times, and treat the racket more like a paddle.  

I decided to see what all the fun was about during today's morning show, so I tried my hand at it at Frame Park in Waukesha.

I was told there are at least a hundred different places to play Pickleball across The Badger State. We posted a link on our website to help you find a location close to you.  Just click on the attached link for additional information.

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