Play It Forward: Panthers Join the Front Lines

Play It Forward: Panthers Join the Front Lines

The Milwaukee Panthers were in the middle of their spring seasons when the coronavirus hit. 

“This is serious, sports need to take a back seat," says Milwaukee assistant athletic trainer Chad Henneberry.

While the athletes and coaches went home, the athletic trainers went to work. Chad Henneberry and Kelly Clements started working two days a week at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Milwaukee.

Chad says, “We’re used to a significant injury like an ACL and something like that but you’re not used to seeing people who can’t breathe.”

“Everybody is wearing a mask, but you can still tell when someone is smiling so you just smile with your eyes," Kelly adds. "It was the little things that I think helped them a lot.”

Chad and Kelly served as a second set of eyes making sure everything and everyone was safe at all times.

Scott: “Knowing how quickly this can spread, were you guys scared when you started?

Kelly: “I definitely was scared. You walk in and everybody is wearing masks. All these healthcare workers. It was extremely eye opening.”

Chad: “I agree, that first week you’re like ‘oh my gosh this is way more intense than I expected.’”

Now that they’ve seen it first-hand, the Panthers’ heroic duo has some advice for the rest of us.

Kelly: “Social distancing is working, try not to ruin it for everyone else who is trying to social distance.”

Chad: “Just thank your healthcare workers. They’re going to town every day and putting themselves in danger every day. It’s incredible the work that they’re doing.” 

And by the way, while working at the hospital Chad and Kelly have still kept in touch with their athletes sending them training and recovery programs. Reporting from home, Scott Grodsky CBS 58 sports.

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