Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin stops scheduling abortions past June 25 in anticipation of Roe V. Wade overturn

NOW: Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin stops scheduling abortions past June 25 in anticipation of Roe V. Wade overturn

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin says it has stopped scheduling abortions past June 25 in anticipation of the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade.

A spokesperson for the organization says they're expecting a Supreme Court decision Monday, June 27, and they're preparing for what they call a worst-case scenario.

They say Wisconsin abortion providers are in what they call a precarious position: a 173-year-old state law means they might have to immediately suspend abortion services the same day the Supreme Court decision comes out.

So in order to not be caught off guard, June 25 will be the last day the organization will schedule abortion procedures.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin says the draft Roe V. Wade decision that was leaked in early May makes it clear the case will be overturned. The organization says that will put safe and legal abortion at risk for people in Wisconsin.

Jen Clark, the founder of the group Protect Women's Rights MKE, said, "We've been preparing for this mentally, emotionally. It's been… it's been rough."

Pro-choice advocates say the writing has been on the wall for weeks.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Milwaukee said, "Every ding of the phone I thought 'Oh my God, is this the notice of the SCOTUS hearing?' Every dang message."

Congresswoman Moore and other allies say safe and legal abortions are at risk for people in Wisconsin. She said, "The history of the United States, from our founding until now, has always been about expanding people's rights. And we're going backwards."

Right now, there are just four health centers that provide abortion procedures in Wisconsin. They're located in three of the state's 72 counties. So Planned Parenthood says many patients that need abortion care often must travel and face mandatory 24-hour waiting periods that require at least two visits.

Because of those challenges and the uncertainty that could come if and when Roe V. Wade is overturned, Planned Parenthood will not schedule procedures after June 25. 

In a statement explaining the decision, Planned Parenthood Associate Medical Director Dr. Allison Linton wrote: 

"To suspend care on the same day for patients who have traveled great distance and at great cost is inconvenient in the least; traumatizing for those who are caught by surprise after a highly anticipated appointment under difficult circumstances; and dangerous for those who are in the midst of an abortion procedure. As a result, the PPWI medical team worked to identify a solution to mitigate anticipated service interruptions on patients."

The statement later says the organization knows its time providing abortion care is limited.

Allies are still fighting as best they can, but worry about a domino effect.

Clark said, "It is putting the rights that are not enumerated in the constitution at risk. That's all of them, not just the right to abortion."

After June 27, Planned Parenthood says it will help clients find abortion care out of state. But if the Supreme Court does not issue a decision on June 27, Planned Parenthood will determine whether it makes sense to resume abortion appointments. 

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