Pitbull bites Racine County toddler in the face

RACINE-- A one year old girl is recovering at Children's Hospital after her grandparents' dog bit her in the face.

Police say the child was visiting her grandparents' home on the 1700-block of Linden when the attack happened.

\"I've always been skeptical of anybody else's pitbull,\" said Markela Moore, who lives across the street from the family.

Moore says she always kept an eye on the dog.

\"He seemed personable with his owner and stuff,\" said Moore, \"but that's the type of dog you know you wanted to keep on a leash.\"

Racine Police say a leash was not enough to hold back the dog.  The girl's grandpa put him on a leash and was getting ready to take the dog for a walk.

\"They thought they were taking the dog out for a walk, it was very unexpected,\" said Sgt. Jessie Metoyer, a spokesperson for Racine Police Department. 

Officers say family members told them the dog turned around and bit the girl.

\"Why he did that-- we do not know,\" said Sgt. Metoyer.

Moore says she's seen the dog act aggressive toward other neighbors.

\"I was thinking one day maybe I'll look out my window, and maybe it will bite somebody walking down the street or something, but never someone in the household or in the family,\" said Moore.


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