Photo of dog carrying bag of food during Harvey becomes symbol of resilience

SINTON, Texas (CBS) — A small town near Houston is showing its fighting spirit in the face of Hurricane Harvey and a symbol of their resilience is going viral.

A photo captures a dog named Otis carrying a bag of dog food after dashing from his porch during the high winds and heavy rain in Sinton.

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Experts say the conditions could have cost an elderly dog like Otis his life, but he is a fighter.

Salvador Segovia, the dog’s owner, said Otis is showing the people of Texas that they will make it through this.

“To my surprise, here comes Otis with a bag of dog food in his mouth, a full five-pound bag of dog food in his mouth,” said Segovia. “He’s telling the people in Texas we will survive.”

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Many families in the small town of 5,000 people say Otis is now a local celebrity and they’re glad he’s safe.

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