Pewaukee police welcome boys with autism with open arms to grow closer to the special needs community

NOW: Pewaukee police welcome boys with autism with open arms to grow closer to the special needs community

PEWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The special needs community is taking a proactive approach in Pewaukee today, holding a meeting to introduce police officers to kids with autism.

Parents of autistic children have a fear -- that one day their child will grow up and become the next one you see in the news whose interaction with police went terribly wrong.

In September 2020, Salt Lake City Police were called to a home to take a 13-year-old boy with Asperger Syndrome to the hospital, but ended up shooting him.

"It's a scary world that we live in. We've seen some really problematic situations involving autistic individuals," said Christ Krasovich, Jacob's mom.

Chris Krasovich's son Jacob is also 13. He is autistic.

"This is Herme my pug. Herme is short for Herculus Mulligan," said Jacob Krasovich as he kisses him.

The family lives in Pewaukee.

"Speaking of anxiety, I have a way of coping with it," said Jacob Krasovich.

Mom asked Pewaukee police to do something to ease her mind and help other families like hers.

"So we know that giving people the opportunity to actually interact with someone with autism is tremendously beneficial. It's different than reading a description on paper, right?" said Chris Krasovich.

Police agreed, and on this, the first day of Autism Awareness Month, invited families of children to come on down.

"So what we're trying to do is soften that interaction so that they don't experience that frustration level that causes them to have difficulty in being able to communicate when they need help," said Pewaukee Deputy Police Chief Mark Garry.

Families got to talk to officers, and then put stickers on squads.

"Getting to know the rhythm of the speech and to recognize some of the behaviors or movements that are typical is so beneficial," said Chris Krasovich.

"As parents that really comforts us to know that we have a community that cares so much about our son," said Eric Krasovich.

Pewaukee police will have autism awareness magnets on all marked squads through the end of the month.

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