'Perfect Wisconsin sports day': Fans go to Brewers game, then head to the Deer District for Game 2

NOW: ’Perfect Wisconsin sports day’: Fans go to Brewers game, then head to the Deer District for Game 2


MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- For diehard Wisconsin sports fans, it doesn't get any better than days like Friday, June 25, with the Brewers playing in the afternoon and the Bucks in the evening.

Brandi Berg, a Brewers a season ticket holder, stopped by Kelly's Bleachers before heading to the Brewers game. She planned to head to the Deer District after the Brewers game.

"This is probably one of my favorite days. You get the Brewers Re-Opening Day, and the Brewers are killing it first place -- tied for first place. And then you have the Bucks game right after," she said. 

Berg called it the "perfect Wisconsin sports day." She said the timing of the two games was perfect and called the energy in the Deer District "electric" during the playoffs.

"I remember just going to games when I was younger and it just wasn't like this like with the Bradley Center. Now with Fiserv and seeing everything they did there with the Deer District, it's a fun place to be," she said.

The mix of Bucks and Brewers jerseys inside Steny's says it all.

"We're blessed. For a small state, we're very blessed to have three really good sports teams," said owner Ryan Steny. "I mean, we haven't had a day like this in a long time."

Mike Bundy has been to 35 straight Brewers opening days. He also planned to go to the Re-Opening Day game before heading to the Deer District to cheer on the Bucks.

"The momentum in Milwaukee here with all these teams and activities -- a big day for Milwaukee," he said.

It's not just a big day for sports fans but also for bar owners.

"A lot of people been asking like, 'How's business? Are you back to normal?' and I said, 'We've always had the Brewers and the shuttles are great, but the Bucks has been the difference lately,'" Steny said.

"The better (the Bucks) do in the playoffs, the better all the businesses do. And it brings revenue to to a city that's had a tough year. But mainly as a sports fan -- from living here my whole life -- I want to see a championship," said Anthony Luchini, the owner of Kelly's Bleachers.

Fans agree Game 1 was a fluke and the Bucks plan to finish what they started.

"They're just definitely the favorite to win at all, and I think they win it all," Bundy said.

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