People get out to enjoy first warm day of the spring

WEST ALLIS -- It's been a long time since people felt 60 degrees.  But today they should.  And the bright sun brought people outside quickly Wednesday morning.

Bikers, walkers, roller bladers, runners...All were making their way down the Hank Aaron Trail. 

It's a pretty common response when you ask people about the weather today -- they love it.

One bike rider said she's had enough of running or biking indoors.  Another woman went for a run outside then put on some roller blades to keep enjoying the weather.

\"I love getting outside,\" Jenny Czubkowski said.  \"Being cooped up all's kind of the worst so whenever I can get out it's awesome. Definitely checked ahead of time to make sure the sun was going to be out, it was going to be nice. A little breezy but gotta wear those shorts when you can.\"

\"Just noticed it was nice after the gym and tossed on the skates,\" Gayla Ruocco said.

Both planned to stay out as long as possible Wednesday.

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