'People are getting the wrong ballots, and that's alarming:' Democratic Wisconsin Assembly candidate sounds alarm

NOW: ’People are getting the wrong ballots, and that’s alarming:’ Democratic Wisconsin Assembly candidate sounds alarm

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Waukesha Democrat Sue Christensen received her ballot along with her husband, and voted for Democratic Wisconsin Assembly candidate Aaron Perry. Her husband wanted to as well, but despite living in the same house, his ballot was completely different.

“There are people on his ballot that we don’t know, that don’t represent us, that are not in our district, and we thought, oh this is a problem,” Christensen said.

Right next door, her neighbor Russel Brooks also had a ballot issue.

“My wife’s came, and mine didn’t, which surprised me because they always came together,” Brooks said.

Brooks said when he called the village clerk, he was told the ballot was sent to him a week ago, so he requested a second.

“My concern is still where my first absentee ballot is, and it hasn’t been processed by somebody else,” Brooks said.

Democratic Wisconsin Assembly candidate for the 97th district, Aaron Perry, said he doesn’t want to miss out on votes because of mistakes.

And there is too much at stake this year.

“People are getting the wrong ballots, and that’s alarming," Perry said. "Especially in the state of Wisconsin. Especially in 2020 when we are the swing state.”

Perry said he is working to see how many others are having ballot problems. The Waukesha village clerk told CBS 58 as of Friday afternoon, they were only aware of two incorrect ballots making it to voters.

Wisconsin Elections Commission spokesman Reid Magney said he believes this is an isolated incident, but does not have much information. He also sent this statement on the issue.

"These kinds of mistakes can happen rarely when there’s more than one legislative district in a community. Fortunately, the voters caught it and the clerk can issue voters the correct ballots with plenty of time for them to vote."

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