Pedestrian bridge opens over Watertown Plank Road

MILWAUKEE COUNTY-- A new $3 million pedestrian bridge is now open for foot traffic.

The structure is part of the Zoo Interchange reconstruction project.

It's about half the length of a football field and provides a critical link to the best medical care for children.  

Patients and their families took the first steps across the bridge to cut the ribbon for the official opening.

They and thousands of others staying at the nearby Ronald McDonald House now have a safe way to cross busy Watertown Plank Road to get to Children's Hospital.

No longer do they have to wait for a van to pick them up or dodge cars in multiple lanes of traffic.

Tiffany Spoor's family moved into the Ronald McDonald house for five months while her daughter Lydia received treatment for Down Syndrome.

She says this project is a blessing.  

\"I remember getting a phone call at two in the morning saying Lydia is critical and you need to get over here now,\" she said. \"You're not in the right frame of mind to be crossing a busy road like this.\"

About 19,000 cars will pass under the pedestrian bridge every day.

The City of Wauwatosa is taking ownership of the structure and will be responsible for maintenance.

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