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Patrick Fowler, man convicted of killing girlfriend and her daughter, appears in court with new attorney

The man convicted of killing his girlfriend and her young daughter appeared in court today with a new attorney.

Patrick Fowler said he wasn't happy with the lawyer who defended him during his trial.

"I had no confidence in him, I had no faith in and basically I came in here for courtroom for trial and he allowed the DA to hit me in the face from every which way he possibly could, he did not defend me on any level."

Fowler insisted he is sentenced on Friday. His new lawyer says she's not able to make it happen. So, the judge agreed to get Fowler another lawyer. The convicted killer also said today he doesn't want to be in the courtroom for the sentencing. 

"I'm tired of sitting here and being disrespected, having this man call me names in front of a camera and everything they've been doing. I've had enough of it and I don't want to sit here as people come up here and continue to verbally batter me, I've had enough of it."

The judge will wait to make a decision on whether or not Fowler will be allowed to appear by video conference.

He'll still be sentenced either way on Friday. 

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