Pastor leads faith procession across Milwaukee's south side to end Coronavirus pandemic

NOW: Pastor leads faith procession across Milwaukee’s south side to end Coronavirus pandemic

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee’s south side is an area hit hard by the COVID-19.

On Sunday, a special call was made to help keep the faith in fighting the virus.

The sounds of bells takes over near Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.

It's the second stop on Sunday’s afternoon journey.

“We think prayer is very, very important," Milwaukee resident Carmen Ayala said.

This day is devoted to the power of words.

Prayers asking Saint Mary to help bring an end to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Father Javier Bustos is pastor at Our Lady of Peace Parish.

“She (Mary) asked her son to turn water into wine, so we believe that she’s able to tell her son to turn the waters of our virus, COVID-19, into the wine of health," Bustos said.

With a shrine in tow, he led a procession passing by the parishes on the south side.

“We are here to be in solidarity with all the people who are sick, to support prayers for everyone," Ayala said.

Many Hispanic families live in this area which has the third-highest number of Coronavirus cases in Milwaukee County.

“What happened is that many of them they have no medical insurance, health insurance. Many of them have no means to have a healthier life and they have to work," Bustos explained.

The pastor said this is a time for unity and support.

And it's a belief that others is this community also share.

“Well, the churches have been closed for public attendance, and the parishes and this is our way to reach out," Milwaukee resident Peter Fau said.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee announced that public mass for the Catholic Church is set to resume on May 31.

Safety guidelines will be put into place for those who wish to attend.

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