Parking problems in downtown Waukesha prompt action

NOW: Parking problems in downtown Waukesha prompt action

Waukesha, WIS. (CBS 58) -- Construction in downtown Waukesha has been a headache there for a long time and now parking problems are forcing city leaders to take action.

The City Council has now recreated a committee that will figure out how to address it. Megan David has owned Ottos Art Studio for years and has to run outside every few hours to move her car. She says limited parking spaces and tickets are the biggest problem.

"Numerous people have gotten parking tickets on Saturdays and a lot of my staff is complaining so it would be great if we could come up with some solution that would help."

A recent study by the Community Development Department showed she's not the only downtown business having issues which led the City Council to reestablish the ADHOC Parking Committee.

"They'll sit down and talk about all the different issues and go through survey results and discuss ways of providing solutions," said Mayor Shawn Reilly.

City leaders say that with the committee, anything is possible including putting in meters, longer parking hours, and better signs to lead visitors to parking lots some believe are too far away.

"I hope what we get out of this is that we hear as many voices as possible whether it's big changes or small changes, we want everyone to understand we are listening.

The committee meetings will start in a few weeks and they say they will most likely have solutions in a few months. 

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