Parents share concerns about bullying after 14-year-old takes own life

NOW: Parents share concerns about bullying after 14-year-old takes own life

GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A local 14-year-old student took his own life over the weekend. Parents came together to talk about the issue at Glen Hills Middle School.

"And know that he's not coming back, and I know its hit her," said Anne Weber, the parent of a 7th grader.

In the school cafeteria, parents remembered 14-year-old Quentin Espinoza.

"We knew Quentin, went fishing with Quentin, so we're dealing with that at home in different ways," said Joe Hill. His 7th and 8th grader knew Espinoza.

Parents comforted Quentin's father, who was there. Despite the guilt he feels over what happened, he says he wants to raise awareness about bullying in his son's honor.

Other parents shared stories of their children being bullied.

"My child was being repeatedly bullied," said one parent.

"She got in the car and she was full of tears. Okay, my parent radar went up," said another parent.

The school says they didn't receive any report that Quentin was being bullied but since the teen's death, the principal has received two Instagram screenshots regarding the teen. He says they are inappropriate and mean but cannot confirm he was bullied.

Espinoza's father says they have proof he was being bullied, and they want the school to recognize it. 

Glen Hills Middle school plans to talk more openly about suicide and will start addressing social media issues in middle school. 

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