Parents concerned after City of Wauwatosa cuts 6 crossing guards

NOW: Parents concerned after City of Wauwatosa cuts 6 crossing guards

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- There are now fewer crossing guards helping students cross the street in Wauwatosa,  after the city’s new crossing guard policy went into effect in January.

The policy got rid of six crossing guards at these locations across the city:

  • Mayfair Road and Center Street
  • Ruby Avenue and 100th Street
  • North Avenue and 73rd Street
  • Wauwatosa Avenue and Harwood Avenue
  • Bluemound Road and 70th Street
  • 114th  Street and Center Street

The policy also adds an additional crossing guard at North/Wauwatosa Avenue.

Parents of students who attend Wauwatosa West High School are particularly concerned because of the traffic on Center Street. Eisenhower Elementary, Wauwatosa West High School, and Whitman Middle School are all accessed off of Center Street.

“Once this place gets packed, the kids have to worry about running across the street and cars coming and some of these cars take off rather fast,” Athena Alvarado, parent of a Wauwatosa West student, said.

According to a city memo, the decision to cut crossing guards was to make budget, and they researched what intersections are used by fewer students.

The new crossing guard policy also states that it now only serves elementary school students.

“While I think anyone can respect that the city has fiscal decisions to make, this goes directly to the safety of our kids,” Bob Helbig, Wauwatosa West PTA president and parent, said.

CBS 58 reached out to several Wauwatosa city leaders who are in favor of these changes, but did not hear back on the request for an interview.

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