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Parade connects Veterans from all parts of military

MILWAUKEE -- As this year's edition of the Veterans Day parade gets going, veterans use it as an opportunity to connect with one another as they share stories about their times serving the United States.

\"It's an honor to be here with all veterans,\" Former U.S. Marine Paul Ciletti said.  \"Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, all of them. Coast Guard as well.\"

\"When the people say thank you for your service, it really means something to veterans,\" Former U.S. Army Command Sergeant Frank Parker said.

The community support and support from other veterans makes this parade special.

\"It's very emotional for all of us,\" Ciletti said.

Veterans from the World War II up through more recent battles came out Saturday.

\"It's an awesome feeling,\" Ciletti said.  He's now with the North Shore Marine Detachment. Parades let him connect with fellow vets.

 \"The only thing that's different is we look back and reflect on what we've been in our past and then hear their stories. It's a matter of camaraderie between all of us.\"

Parker recently retired from the U.S. Army.  He's taken up a new hobby - restoring military vehicles.

\"At one point this was the backbone of the military as far as getting people around to do their job.\"

It's a 1972 Military Jeep.

\"I like putting it in parades and stuff and taking it to schools to showing it to kids,\" Parker said.  \"So they can see part of american history in the making.\"

Parker served extensively including time in Vietnam and Korea.  Now he plans to teach others about military history.  He's been in this Milwaukee  parade for years and it still means a lot every time he participates.

\"I get a big bang out of it because the people are saying thanks when we're just doing our job.\"

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