Packers late battle not enough to get past Cardinals

In a game that should have been an easy win for the Green Bay Packers, the result was another tough loss. The Packers fell behind in the second half, made a comeback in the fourth quarter, but then gave away the game in the final minutes, losing 20-17 to the Arizona Cardinals.

The Packers had a chance to get the ball back late in the fourth quarter on two consecutive plays. First, a missed interception by a newly acquired defensive back gave the Cardinals another chance. Next, a long third-down conversion where a veteran receiver made an incredible catch.

It seemed like the Packers would get the ball back late in the fourth quarter when they forced the Cardinals to third down and 21 yards to go. Somehow, a scrambling Josh Rosen was able to find Larry Fitzgerald for a completion and a huge first down to extend the game-winning drive. 

The Cardinals were not able to kill as much clock as they wanted, giving the Packers 1:41 of time to try to either tie or win the game.

It was much of the same for the Packers on that drive, close but not enough. They faced a huge fourth down with 1:09 to play and they converted. But, they just couldn't get close enough, fast enough, to tie or win the game.

With under 30 seconds left, the Packers weren't even to midfield yet and more time clicked off the clock after Aaron Rodgers was forced to scramble for a first down.

With 15 seconds left and the Packers on the 40-yard-line Rodgers forced a pass over the middle that made the Packers call their final timeout. A final shot to the end zone and out came kicker Mason Crosby who missed the game-tying field goal from 49 yards out.

Just like that, the Packers fell to 4-7-1 and almost certainly disqualified themselves from the playoffs. 

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