Packers host youth football camp in Hartford

NOW: Packers host youth football camp in Hartford

HARTFORD, WI (CBS 58) -- The Green Bay Packers gave back to some young fans Thursday, May 20. in Hartford teaming up with NFL Play 60 to host football outreach camps.

Elementary students from the Erin School in Hartford got to get outside and get active.

"I’m glad it didn’t rain today," said Aubrey, an Erin School student.

Thursday was a picture perfect day to get outside and be active…all thanks to the Packers.

The Green Bay Packers have been doing outreach camps like today for more than 10 years and want to make sure they their own appreciation for the fan and the community.

"Without these communities, the Packers aren’t where we are today. So it's great to give back this way" said Ryan Fencl, a Packers Football Outreach Specialist.

The students went through five stations doing various football drills and just letting loose.

"Since we’re outside we don’t have to wear a mask and it’s a very good  exercise out here doing Packers things" said Mason, an Erin School third grader.

"I was always nervous to jump in front of mats and everything but now its like your time to shine because of everything"  said Dayne, an Erin school fifth grader.

Hartford High School athletes, some who even attended Erin School themselves, also helped out at the camp.

"It’s awesome," said Ally Zickert, a Hartford senior and Erin school graduate. "I know the kids look up to the Packers a lot and everyone here is a huge fan of it so it's really cool having them here especially after such a weird crazy year with COVID."

"I just can’t believe that kids that were here are teaching us and doing stuff with us" said Jackson, an Erin school fourth grader.

There were plenty of jerseys on hand of former players and current ones too...and of course the man on everyone’s mind....Aaron Rodgers.

"He’s a great quarterback and I think anyone would be really excited to meet him," Dayne said. "So I hope he stays."

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