Packers grant will give MPS athletic trainers on their sidelines

The Green Bay Packers awarded Milwaukee Public Schools a $20,000 grant to have Athletic Trainers at High School football games.

 In the past, Milwaukee Public Schools have had doctors on the sidelines taking care of injured players. But now, they have certified athletic trainers at all games throughout the season.

\"This gives us someone who is actually trained, Who will be able to identify injuries right on the spot,\" said Bill Molbeck, Athletic Comissioner at Milwaukee Public Schools.

 The grant will benefit more than 800 players in 14 Milwaukee Public Schools.

 \"The Packers saw a great need in helping out MPS...  We'll have athletic trainers at all of our football fields... Freshman, Junior Varsity and varsity. We'll also have trainers visitng the schools once a week,\" Molbeck said.

 It's only a 2-year contract, but Molbeck believes it's a step in the right direction.

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