Packers fans ready for answers after Rodgers makes appearance on Pat McAfee Show

NOW: Packers fans ready for answers after Rodgers makes appearance on Pat McAfee Show

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- While it's not a done deal yet, the buzz around town is all about whether Aaron Rodgers will end up playing for the New York Jets. We watched the show with fans at Leff's Luckytown in Wauwatosa today.

While fans are talking about it, they tell CBS 58 they'd rather not. They'd prefer all this Rodgers talk to be over.

"He's a drama queen. I mean he is," said Brian Golbach, Packers fan.

It was heads up at Leff's where every TV was showing the only thing this lunch crowd wanted to see -- Aaron Rodgers on the Pat MacAfee show.

"So, I was one of the people that was ready for Aaron Rodgers. I'm not sure if I'm ready for Jordan Love yet because I'm a big Aaron Rodgers fan. It's disappointing," said Scott Raue, Packers fan.

"I really think he would like to go west instead of east, but he's gonna go, there's no doubt about it, he's gone from the Packers," said Barry Wormington, Packers fan.

Despite the back and forth, the uncertainty and the idea that Rodgers could be repeating a Brett Favre fiasco by going to the Jets, these fans are looking back on Rodgers' time with the green and gold with gratitude.

"We've had two or three decades of great Packer seasons. So, I'm grateful for the time, the 18 years he was here," said Crocker Stephenson, Packers fan.

People we spoke with said Rodgers has made good decisions in Green Bay. But today they're questioning the wish list of players he's proposed New York to recruit. The Jets already picking up wide receiver Allen Lazard.

"I think his wish list is funny and the Jets going with it is funny," said Tyler Bartelt, Packers fan.

Rodgers said on the show he loves Lambeau and loves the fans, and that's what they're holding on to as they prepare to say goodbye to number 12.

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