Packers fans are thrilled with Sunday's OT win

NOW: Packers fans are thrilled with Sunday’s OT win

Sunday's win against the Cleveland Browns had Packers fans out of their seats. For a while Sunday afternoon it looked like the dream of another playoff appearance was about to disappear, but the team came back.

The Green Bay Packers trailed by two touchdowns in the second half, but a pass from Brett Hundley to Davante Adams in overtime gave Green Bay a 27-21 win.

Fans at Kelly's Bleachers in West Allis were praying for a win not only for a better chance in the playoffs, but because the Browns haven't won a game this season.

"We felt like we had to win just to not be the team that lost to the Browns," Packers fan Mark Lonteen said.

Another fan, Julie Wiltzies was worried. 

"Honestly, I thought we had this one, like out of any game this season," Wiltzies said. "Then it got a little scary, but they pulled it off and that's what counts."

Many fans are excited to see their favorite QB Aaron Rodgers back in action, but some say he shouldn't be back on the field. Some fans said they shouldn't risk Rodgers getting injured for a wild card spot.

"With the possibility of him getting hurt again and then he might be off all of next season, I think we should just let him rest," Lonteen said.

Aaron Rodgers or not, Green Bay Packers fans have their hearts in the game.

"Things were up and down, but never give up on the Pack. They're going to come back," Joe Guthrie said. "Great game." 

The Packers play against the Carolina Panther next Sunday, December 17.

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