Packers crafters make 1-of-a-kind gear for 1-of-a-kind fans 💚💛

NOW: Packers crafters make 1-of-a-kind gear for 1-of-a-kind fans 💚💛

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Packers crafters on websites like Etsy are prolific and creative.

Heather Witte from Fall River, WI makes Packers Dammit Dolls.

"They're fun little dolls, somewhat reminiscent of voodoo dolls but you can beat them when you get frustrated." she said. 

Laura Adams designs upcycled Packers clothing from her home in Green Bay.

"I can tell you that not one person will have the same shirt whether its a flannel or denim or something else that I create." Adams said. "You're not going to run into someone at a Packer game or a local establishment with something that someone else will have."

Joy Wilson runs Joy Soaps where she makes her popular Packer Backer soaps.

“The Packer Backer just came about because of experimenting with different colors and different scents and color combinations just to have something different." said Wilson. "I came upon the green and gold. I did a lemon grass and a lime scent and it just seemed to work well with the Packers."

Heather Witte knew her Dammit Dolls were a winner because she knows what Packers fans can be like.

"I know Packers fans are very passionate and when my husband is yelling because they miss a kick or something else like that," she said. "I thought, you know, these could come in handy for someone watching the game.”

Witte does make other dolls for fans of other teams like the Vikings or Bears. This year those team dolls have likely been taking a lot more abuse.

"Let's hope the Buccaneers get even more use this weekend!" Witte said.

Laura Adams is Green Bay born and raised. She combines her two biggest passions, fashion and the Packers.

"Used to work at the stadium in high school." Adams said. "I'm fortunate enough to be a part of having season tickets. I bleed green and gold, I really do." 

Her creations are a combo of previously owned clothes and her own eye and talent.

Joy Wilson has been selling her soaps for 20 years and the Packer Backer soaps for 18. 

“I just love making soap." said Wilson. "Soaps are wonderful for your skin. Soap feels great. There’s no dry skin. There’s no cracking skin anymore. It just feels great. It’s addicting.”

It's the pride in the Green and Gold that drives all of the Packers Crafters' creativity. It drives their sales too.

“I have a lot of people buying Packers soaps. Gifts for friends." Wilson said. "Sending them all around the country to other Packers fans. They just love it.”

"The neat thing is I'm shipping all over the US. I've even shipped probably a half a dozen or more items internationally." said Adams. "There's definitely a desire for people to own one of a kind, unique items and also the love of the Packers is well traveled."

“The Packers fans are passionate." said Witte, "If it’s something you love and you can craft and you enjoy doing it, it brings happiness to your life as well as the other people that are buying them. We’re a passionate, fun group of people here in Wisconsin and I think that shows.”

Some Packers crafts that caught our eye:

Packers Dammit Dolls

Packer Backer Soaps

Upcycled Packers shirts

Cheesehead stud earrings

Cheesehead dangly earrings

Packers baby booties

Packers baby sweaters

Packers fleece beer mittens

Packers facemasks

Packers-colored Wisconsin-shaped catnip toy

Lambeau Field ornament

Packers unmentionables

Packers-colored rosary

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