Packers Clinch Playoff Spot, Still Have Chance at First Round Bye

The Giants didn't make it easy for the Panthers to continue their undefeated season, but in the end the Giants lost allowing the Packers to clinch a playoff spot.

According to CBS Sports, the Packers were able to clinch a playoff spot with either a Green Bay Packers win or tie, a Washington Redskins loss or tie, or a New York Giants loss or tie.

The Redskins handily defeated the Buffalo Bills Sunday afternoon.

Now that the Packers have clinched a playoff spot and beaten the Raiders, focus turns to the Arizona Cardinals. If the playoffs started Sunday, the Cardinals would have the Number 2 seed (after the Panthers) and a first round bye.

If the Philadelphia Eagles can defeat the Arizona Cardinals Sunday night then the Packers are in control of their own fate. If the Packers can defeat the Cardinals next week and Minnesota to end the season then they would clinch the first round bye. So, cheer for the Eagles Sunday night!

Stay tuned to CBS 58 for the latest information on the Packers postseason berth and Super Bowl 50 which can be seen right here on CBS 58.

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