Packers-Bears Tickets Prices Plummet on Secondary Market

It could be one of the coldest games ever played in Chicago, but it's also an important game for the Packers as the team pushes for a playoff spot.

It's expected to be zero degrees at kickoff, along with sub-zero wind chills.

The frigid temperatures could be turning fans away. 

Friday night, tickets were re-selling for as low as $45 on websites like StubHub.

Packers fan, Robert Vanderhorst, said, "It's unreal. I've never seen tickets that cheap, honestly, for any kind of football game. That's crazy."

Packers fan, Mike Tischer, said, "I think it's a unique opportunity for Packers fans to get down to Soldier Field and kind of claim it as Lambeau south. But it's a tough sell, it's the holidays, it's some pretty poor weather all weekend long."

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