Owner Speaks Out After Dogs Taken During Burglary

NOW: Owner Speaks Out After Dogs Taken During Burglary

A burglar breaks into a home and takes the owner’s two dogs. Milwaukee police confirms they are investigating a home burglary that happened Thursday night near Holt and Dayfield Avenues.

Police say the suspects took valuables and  two dogs named Chance and Copper.

A Facebook post from the dog's owner is pleading for people to keep an eye out for their beloved pets. That post is getting a lot of traction online.

Patti Walczak tells CBS 58 that her two dogs, Copper and Chance were taken, along with their crate during a break-in and robbery.

"Like I said to the cops, I never see them around here so it's a good neighborhood. Just seems like it was something planned out," says Walczak.

 A TV, computer, and a vacuum cleaner was also stolen from Walczak’s home.

Copper is a three year old chocolate lab who has identifying tags.  Chance is a 6 month old silver lab pup who has been microchipped.  

Patti Walczak tells us the dogs are very friendly, but very frisky, and would have been "all over" whoever was in the house.  

Copper would have run away if the door was open.  

"I just really want them back and if someone could just drop them off or like put them in my garage and no questions asked as long as they're safe," says Walczak.

Police are still investigating the robbery and looking for suspects. If you see these dogs, please call police.

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