Over a Million People Attended the Wisconsin State Fair

For the fourth year in a row Wisconsin State Fair broke a million for visitors.

There were 1,015,815 people that attended the 165th Wisconsin State Fair.

State Fair attendance the past 3 years was : 1,012,552 in 2013, 1,030,881 in 2014 and 1,033,053 in 2015.

In SpinCity, there were 1,065,000 rides taken. There were 150,000 slides taken down the Giant Slide.

Fair goers ate 315,000 Original Cream Puffs.

The New Berlins Lion’s Club sold 105,000 ears of corn.

Real Wisconsin Cheese grilled cheese sandwiches served 55,000.

At the Wisconsin Products Pavilion there were 50,000 Wisconsin Baked Potatoes sold .

The 2017 Wisconsin State Fair, presented by U.S. Cellular, will take place Aug. 3 – 13. 

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