Organization plans blood drive on Aug 3rd

Organizers for a local blood-drive want to get the word out about their upcoming event that will help a seven-year-old battling sickle-cell anemia.

At age seven, Tia Wilson was born with the disease. Already she has endured chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and countless blood transfusions.

Organizers of Miracle Comeback Blood Drive say she is the perfect example of why everyone who can give blood should give blood.

"The reason why she was getting the blood transfusion every month, before she got the bone marrow,s is because she had a stroke at a younger age and research shows that blood transfusions help children with sickle-cell anemia,” said Mickey Wilson, Tia's mother. 

Sadly, Wilson has already lost a son to the disease. It is hereditary in her family,

Wilson says that she met organizers of Miracle Comeback at one of their blood drives. She often takes Tia to show people what difference their donations make.

She also has a special bond with organizers. Founder Bilal Markis nearly lost his son six years ago. When his oldest son, Rasheed, was 13-year-old he was run over by a car while riding his bike. Rasheed required 46 pints of blood and doctors said he had a very low probability of surviving.

"This could be your son. this could be your daughter,” Bilal Markis said. “Don't wait until it’s too late. Until they need it and it’s not there, because I didn't know the importance of blood. I never donated before."

The Miracle Comeback’s 11th blood drive is on August 3rd at the Bay View Library from 1 to 5 p.m.

Tia recently had a bone marrow transplant and it is likely that she will need another blood transfusion. Wilson says Tia's blood-type is O positive. 

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