ONLY on CBS 58: More than 40 cars vandalized at Racine High School

Racine police are asking for your help as they look for the people responsible for vandalizing more than forty cars at Park High School. While people were glued to the drama on stage the real action happened just outside the theater doors. 

From dents, to scratched paint, even rocks in gas tanks, Racine Police received 41 different reports about cars damaged during a community performance of \"Bonnie and Clyde\" and they think they'll be getting even more calls in the coming days.

\"I was just disappointed that they chose to do that. That they didn't have anything better to do,\" said Samantha Lueck. 

It was supposed to be a fun night out with friends for Lueck.

\"I've seen plenty of plays at Park before. They put on really good plays and nothing's ever really happened,\" she said. 

But it ended up taking a wrong turn for Lueck, her friend Christine and at least 39 others. 

\"When we went I just was expecting to have a good time and I ended up staying hours later. We ended up being there for at least two hours,\" said Christine. 

Family and friends were inside the theater enjoying a performance of \"Bonnie and Clyde\" but it wasn't until they stepped out to the parking lot that they realized a different crime spree had occurred.

\"My friend got his car almost broken into; and there were sticks and rubber on the ground,\" said Christine. 

\"Mine's got stuff on all four sides. I've got swirlies on the left and righthand side, I've got basically lines on the front and back and there's a nice heart on the hood and they tried scratching at my passenger side window,\" said Lueck. 

Racine police say nearly every car in this parking lot had damage from rocks, damage they say was most likely done by a group of children.

\"Just frustrated, why would these kids do this? They had nothing better to do?\" said Christine. 

They estimate the damage on some cars could be in the thousands.

Frustrating for these young women who worked hard to buy their first cars, now ruined. 

\"I have to see if my dad can buff it out. I will have to see if he can touch it up with paint because my cars not the nicest. But I'm going to see what
I can do to soften the blow,\" said Lueck, 

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