‘All you heard were people screaming’: 2 injured in Kenosha bar shooting

NOW: ‘All you heard were people screaming’: 2 injured in Kenosha bar shooting

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – Two people were shot outside of a Kenosha bar causing chaos. Nearby residents heard the shots being fired from their homes and saw people running out of the bar to safety.

Two people were injured after being struck by gunfire Saturday morning during a large gathering at a Kenosha bar. The Kenosha Police Department is investigating the shooting that happened around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning at the Rain Bar and Lounge on 30th Avenue and Roosevelt Road.

Police say the shooting happened during a birthday party at the bar. Several people were injured as they ran out of the bar after shots were fired.

“After the gunshots, all you heard were people screaming. They didn't know what to do, you could tell,” Velez said. “People were getting into their cars, scurrying off, there were people just running up the block to get away.”

The co-owner of Rain Bar and Lounge tells CBS 58 News their lounge is normally safe, but nearby residents said they often hear fights and shots being fired outside of the bar.

“Every weekend this is what we hear. It's ridiculous. I have children and I'm tired of my kids having to hit the deck every time they hear gunshots,” Resident Christy Anderson said.

Some residents are now calling for the bar to close down.

“If a stray bullet comes in my house, and kills one of my kids they're not going to be sorry for it,” Anderson said.

Police say that both the victims are expected to survive and were treated at separate hospitals. Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting and at this time have no suspects in custody.

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