One of Racine's smallest residents shows support for Racine Police Department's loss

NOW: One of Racine’s smallest residents shows support for Racine Police Department’s loss

Racine, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's been a difficult 48 hours for Racine, after tragically losing Officer John Hetland.

And as officers of the community grieve, one of its smallest members is doing his best to make sure officers don't forget there's always a reason to smile.

5-year-old Victor Valencia practices random acts of kindness. His goal is to make all hearts he comes across grow bigger.

"When they grow bigger, they are happier and kinder," says Victor.

He and his family have been doing this for years in Racine.

"His favorite thing to do is to just randomly walk up to somebody and brighten their day," says his mother Savannah Valencia who helps him with his acts of kindness. "And once he gets them to smile, he feels like his job is done."

Their latest act of kindness rocks. It's inspired by them too.

They were rock hunting and came across a police officer.

"He said, 'mom, I really want to give a rock to this cop'. And so we said, 'okay', and we gave it to the cop, and when he saw how happy it made the cop, he said, 'why don't we make some more for the cops?'"

Victor and his mother painted guardian angels onto rocks and handed them out to officers from the Racine Police Department to keep them safe from harm in the wake of losing one of their own.

"I like giving rocks to people so they can smile," said little Valencia.

"It helps just to have somebody and something to be able to look at and be like, you know what, everybody is here to support us, and we're here to support them, because we've gone through such a tremendous loss at this point," said Officer Shea Small from the Racine Police Department.

Officer Small says the community support has been incredible, giving them the support they need during such a difficult time.

"It's like the vehicle out front with all the flowers on it, and all the notes on it," said Officer Small. "It's just been really great to just be able to get lifted back up by everybody and just be able to do my job again."

Victor and his family have made over 79 rocks for officers.

You can follow him and his random acts of kindness on his Facebook page.

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