"Oh My God, this Lady is Crazy," Witness says After Woman Drives Chaotically in Mobile Home Park

A woman in Madison drove recklessly at children and adults in a mobile home park after a dispute escalated on Monday.

According to Madison Police, the suspect was arrested for first degree reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and bail jumping.

Police said the dispute took place at the Dutch Mill Mobile Home Park.

According to police, the suspect said the dispute started with some hair pulling and tussling and ended when a man punched her.

Shortly after that, she got in the van and began driving. 

One woman got into a van and allegedly drove recklessly at many residents including children.

Witnesses said the suspect was accelerating both in drive and in reverse.

According to police, she came within several feet of hitting people.

Some were forced to jump out of the way to avoid being struck.

Adults and children were running and screaming.

A witness allegedly said, "Oh my God, this lady's crazy!"

The van ended up hitting garbage cans, an electrical box, a parked car, and a landscaping boulder.

Multiple officers responded.

The suspect told them she was not trying to hurt anyone.

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