Oconomowoc High School to begin Breathalyzing Students before Games

In a letter to parents, Oconomowoc High School Principal Joseph Moylan announced the school would begin “randomly testing students using a portable breath tester.”

The announcement comes as OHS welcomes in Homecoming Week.

“We live in Wisconsin and drinking is a large player in our culture. It has often been difficult for us as a school, as drinking finds its way into the life of OHS. We are noticing more incidences of student drinking at our events and we want to be proactive in addressing this problem.”

The first breathalyzer test will begin at tonight’s football game.

The school already has a similar policy in place for its dances. “Please know that we intend to create as many situations where students can say no to drinking as possible. No one wants to live through a situation where a student was hurt as the result of drinking.”

The principal also pointed out that it is unacceptable for parents to bring alcohol into the facility.

“Adult behavior matters; we are finding alcohol containers under the parent sections of the home bleachers and in the parking lot. We have also been hearing from other parents about parents drinking in the stands. OHS is an alcohol free facility. It may seem to go without saying, but this has not been our experience over the past few games.”

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