Obamacare enrollment help

Milwaukee -- State Senator Lena Taylor hosted a town hall meeting on the Affordable Care Act, Tuesday night.

The event was held at Holy Redeemer Academy near 35th & Hampton in Milwaukee.  \"The fact that our state did not choose to do an exchange itself and make this process easier for Wisconsinites, the fact that we spend the least amount compared to many others on making sure that we put out information so people could proactively know what to do saddened me,\" cited Taylor as a few of the reasons she held the meeting.

There were representatives on hand to answer questions, provide resource information, help people enroll in the ACA, as well as, offer free diabetes and blood pressure screenings.

Taylor said she plans to hold similar events in the future.

There are a variety of sites where people can get enrollment assistance:

City of Milwaukee Health Department

(414) 286-8620


Milwaukee Enrollment Services

(888) 947-6583


Outreach Community Health Centers

(414) 727-6320


Lisbon Avenue Health Center

(414) 935-8000



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