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Oak Creek Police investigate threat at high school amidst "race war"

 The Oak Creek Police Department was notified on Thursday about a threat that may happen at Oak Creek High School on Friday.

The rumors were on social media and within the school itself.

After an investigation the department said there was no credible threat and the safety of students was not in jeopardy.

A mother CBS 58 spoke with said this stems from an on going racially motivated fight that started about three weeks ago.

She said it started when a student posted a picture of himself stomping on the American flag on Facebook.

She added that the picture upset a group of other kids at school and started the fights between what she said are \"Muslim students against white students.\"

This mother has two children that attend the school and said they both had direct knowledge of fights that occurred because of the picture.

In her words, this has escalated to a \"race war\" in Oak Creek and said that the threat included \"the Muslims bringing guns to school to finish off the white kids.\"

She said that a large group of parents are keeping their kids home on Friday, the last day of school.

Just before the 10 p.m. news on Thursday, a student claiming to be the one stepping on the flag called CBS 58.

He wanted to let people know that he knows what he did was wrong and he's sorry. He added that there was never an intention to bring guns to school and shoot people.

This student said he'd like to publicly apologize.

He also said the tension at school started long before the picture was posted.

The Oak Creek-Franklin School District says they are aware of problems at the school and the potential threat and are investigating.

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