North Side Businesses Suffer Because of Road Conditions

Road construction on Milwaukee's north side is taking a toll on some local businesses. Some owners claim people have all together stopped shopping because of the mess.

Potholes can be just as frustrating for drivers as road construction. It can mean traffic jams and delays, but for north side business owners it's affecting more than their commute.

\"It put a strain on us as far as paying our bills and customers being able to enter the area. It's taking too long and it does affect our business,\" said Stunnerz business owner, located on the corner of 27th and Center.

A quarter of a mile up the road, off of Locust and 27th another shop is struggling.

\"The condition of the road is bad,\" said Ahab Abdualah. \"I know construction is a need, we have to do it. The only concern is, it's been taking a long time.\"

He's been in business for 8 years, potholes and road repair is nothing new to him.

He tells us the road construction outside his store has been going on for about a year and fears it won't end anytime soon.

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