North Shore Middle School Evacuated after Bomb Threat, Nothing Found in Search

A middle school in Hartland is the latest to be targeted by a bomb threat. The building was eventually given the \"all clear\" but not before administrators evacuated the school per their protocol.

Village of Hartland Police tell CBS 58 News that they don't yet know who left that written threat inside the school. They're not even saying where that threat was left at this point.

But other authorities are saying now the time to talk to your children about these threats because if a student chooses to make one and he or she is caught, that student face some serious punishment.

School administration learned about the threat and made the call to police at 1:44 p.m. For hours police forced traffic to turn around on North Shore drive as a sweep by bomb-sniffing dogs happened at the building.

\"The school acted very quickly to move approximately 375 students from the school to a safe location,\" Hartland Police Chief Michael Bagin said.

\"I think immediately you're thinking about the kids and how do we make sure our kids are safe. How do we make sure our staff is safe,\" Michelle Schmidt, principal of North School Middle School and Life Entrepreneurial School, said.

After the evacuation the students from the school were safe, just like the students at Homestead High School in Mequon after their false bomb threat on April 6, and just like the students at Beaver Dam High School after their false threat last Friday.

In fact, Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt recently released a statement after his deputies have had to investigate several threats.

\"Parents, please take the time to sit down with you child and explain to them the dangers and repercussions of making threats. Our recent investigations have led us to believe that bullying has spurred this behavior. While bullying is certainly not acceptable and is difficult for children to cope with, we need to teach our children to find productive and appropriate methods of reacting,\" the statement read, in part.

Disorderly conduct charges and expulsion are possible depending on the situation, Sheriff Schmidt said.

At North Shore Middle School, where the circumstances are still unclear, authorities have started reviewing security cameras.

\"If it's a student, it's a referral to the juvenile authorities. And in some cases we could seek restitution for the cost of the response, including all the fire and police,\" Chief Bagin said.

Administrators say parents were notified by email and/or phone as soon as the evacuation process started. They say there were no issues during that process.

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