'No remorse:' Mother charged after investigators find evidence of baby's body left in field

’No remorse: ’ Mother charged after investigators find evidence of baby’s body left in field

KENOSHA (CBS 58) -- Monica Adams is charged with five felonies and a misdemeanor after investigators say she failed to report the death of her 2-month-old baby girl, Jalisa Adams-Frison. 

"She was not garbage, but now we don’t have her. We will never see her walk, crawl, nothing, they took that all away from us," said Jalisa's grandmother. 

Adams is charged with: 

- Failure to report the death of a child, as a party to a crime
- Concealing or not reporting the death of a child; not reporting the disappearance of a child, as a party to a crime
- Kidnapped or missing persons; false information
- Kidnapped or missing persons; false information
- Obstructing an officer
- Harboring or aiding a felon

Last week, a family member reported Adams and the baby's father, Hezile Frison, to police after she hadn't seen Jalisa since July 28. According to the criminal complaint, Adams provided hours of false information about where Jalisa was. She told investigators that the baby was with her family. 

“Lies that Ms. Adams told to avoid having anyone have notice of her daughter's death and to escape responsibility and basically hide the location of her daughter’s body," said Jason Zapf, state attorney. 

Eventually, Frison and Adams led investigators to a densely wooded field near 50th Street and 52nd Avenue.

Investigators searched the densely wooded area, but Jalisa's body wasn't found. But investigators did find remnants of a blue, drawstring-type bag which had been torn open as if an animal clawed at it. 

“It's unlikely that we will be able to find this young girl's body or determine a cause of death at this point," said Zapf. 

According to the criminal complaint, there may have been a co-sleeping incident. Adams stated, "Me and my boyfriend was lying down in the bed." She said the baby was fussy and sat her back down on the bed, went back to sleep, and when she woke up Jalisa was dead. 

When investigators search Frison's search history on his phone, they found searches for "what's the law in Kenosha if a baby dies," and "What type of wild animals are found in Kenosha." 

After Adams was charged in court, Hezile's mother spoke to media stating, "(Helize) did us all wrong and have no remorse." She went on to say, “I wish they get everything they get, everything they get. I am his mother, I am not proud of him, that’s not my son.”

Adams' attorney stated Adams was scared of Frison. 

“Adams was in fear of the co-defendant, and he threatened her repeatedly," said Larisa Benitex-Morgan, defense attorney. 

Adams' preliminary hearing is set for August 28. No date has been set for Hezile Frison's court appearance. 

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