Nine Fifth Grade Classrooms Received Books from First Responders to Commemorate 9/11

Students at Riley School recognized "Patriot Day” on Friday.

 None of the students were born 15 years go on September 11th, but local first responders want to make sure the memory lives on.

They teamed up to deliver books for bravery to young Milwaukee students to commemorate the tragic events of 9/11.

This was the second year that Milwaukee Police, Fire, military, and On Purpose Journey teamed up to hand deliver books to fifth grade students.

Organizers say the goal is not to dwell on sadness, but to honor the lives lost and promote unity going forward. 

"We're not trying to horrify or enflame people, but we are trying to educate and inform and in that we will keep that memory alive forever. It's critical,” said one organizer.

Johnson Controls, On Purpose Journey and local first responders made the day possible.

Books were delivered to nine fifth grade classrooms in Milwaukee.

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