Nik Wallenda eases across Wisconsin State Fair, longest tightrope walk ever

Call Nik Wallenda Superman, he certainly has nerves of steel making a 120-foot high tight rope walk look like a cake walk.

\"It was awesome, I can't believe somebody could actually do that in real life,\" 9-year-old Joey Quesnell.  

Wallenda walked confidently, never seeming to shake by the possible doom right under him.

To give you an even better example of what stands between Nik Wallenda and the ground below, the steel cable is not much wider than the nickel in your pocket. 

\"It's all about knowing confidently that I can make it from one side to the other,\" Wallenda said. 

Nearly 1600 feet, that's how far Wallenda would have to make it to survive his longest walk ever. He answered questions from the crowd, and shared stories about family.

\"My family will come over, we actually have chicken fights on the wire believe it or not.\"  

With only a few stops along the way, Wallenda conquered his goal, leaving many, like Patty Quesnell inspired by his feat.

“I think this taught a lot about telling a lot of people out here that it doesn't hurt to take the risk in life and see what you can do,\" she said.

Wallenda has set his sights on even higher goals, he wants to walk across an active volcano, and the pyramids of Egypt. 


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