'How did this get released?' Milwaukee mayor, police chief respond after video leaked

NOW: ’How did this get released?’ Milwaukee mayor, police chief respond after video leaked

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Who leaked the video, and why?

Those are questions Milwaukee's mayor and police chief are being asked to answer after video of a sexual assault investigation was released to the media.

And one of Mayor Tom Barrett's opponents in the mayoral race believes that MPD and Barrett aren't doing enough.

Facing public criticism during a listening session on Monday, Police Chief Alfonso Morales denied that he leaked the video.

"Who leaked it?" asked a woman in the audience. "Yes or no, is there a current investigation, who is doing it, and what is going to happen afterwards?"

"I did not leak any video," Morales replied. "We’re looking into it and we’re always looking at ways to prevent things from being released if so that happened."

The leaked video is of an interview at Sojourner Family Peace Center. It is connected to a sexual assault probe involving Milwaukee real estate developer Kalan Haywood, Sr. Haywood has not been charged.

Responding to the leak, Mayor Tom Barrett sent questions to the Fire and Police Commission (FPC) on Wednesday.

“First, how did this get released, I think that’s important. Second, why did an investigation take place outside the normal location which is the police department?" Barrett asked

He also wondered why the FPC Chair Steven DeVougas was present during Haywood’s interview.

In a statement to CBS 58, State Senator Lena Taylor claimed the leaked video disregards the victim and the accused, and furthers an “agenda” of someone within MPD. She criticized MPD and Barrett citing slow response, and writing "the lack of leadership, at the highest level of city government continues to frustrate Milwaukee residents."

To this, Barrett says he is taking steps, not making noise.

"What I’m doing, I’m attempting to address a concern in a transparent and professional way," Barrett said.

Chief Morales did clarify that the department is investigating, "has met with the city attorney’s office...and is exploring measures to ensure the unapproved release of materials does not occur in the future."

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