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Newly released dash cam video shows different perspective of now viral traffic stop in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Newly released dash cam video offers a different perspective of a now viral traffic stop.

In a video posted to Facebook, Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputies guns were drawn when a bystander recorded someone making a racial remark.

The dash cam video shows two deputies taking off after a reckless driver who didn't stop right away. After about half a minute, the driver pulled over near 6th and Walnut.

CBS 58 News poured over the dash cam footage and at no point did we hear the deputies make the racial remark.

Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt said the comment was made by a man passing through the area in a green vehicle.

"Our officers made no racial statements. And again, I'm making it very clear, if they did, would've been suspended on the spot and we would've disciplined," said Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt. 

Schmidt says deputies drew their guns because it was a high risk traffic stop and they feared the man would take off.

The man was ticketed at the scene and released. 

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