New sunny streak starts Tuesday; rain returns this weekend

NOW: New sunny streak starts Tuesday; rain returns this weekend

We kicked off a sunny stretch of weather on Sunday but unfortunately that streak came to an end rather quickly. We saw a few too many clouds on Monday and it officially goes into the record books as a partly cloudy day. When it goes into the records cloud cover is measured on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being completely sunny and 10 completely cloudy. In general, any number from 1-3 is considered "sunny" or "mostly sunny". On Monday the cloud cover was recorded as a 4 which would go into the "partly cloudy" category.

Tuesday kicks off another sunny streak and if we stay mostly sunny through Wednesday and Thursday we could put together a decent stretch of sunny weather. It's hard for us to get more than 3 days of sunshine in a row. The last time we had a good sunny streak was February.

All of the sunshine the next few days will keep storm chances away. There is no chance for rain over the next 72 hours with a 0% chance for rain Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

On Thursday a little rain forms to our west across the Dakotas and Minnesota/Iowa. Clouds may increase by Thursday evening but the rain doesn't arrive until Friday. Once the storm chances start Friday they won't stop until next week with rain chances Friday through Monday. Right now, Saturday looks like the day with the best chance for rain but don't cancel your plans just yet as it likely won't be a washout.

Download the CBS 58 Ready Weather app to track rain chances for the weekend and see when another sunny streak might show up.

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