New school for autistic children who lost building due to vandalism

After a Kenosha County school for autistic children was vandalized community members stepped up to not only help, but to make sure those kids have a place to go this summer.

\"You don't realize how bad or good something can be when you're that shocked,\" said Farrah Sonnenberg, founder of Sonnenberg Consultants.

She's is over the initial shock that came when she heard the school she was about to buy was vandalized. The school was suppose to be a place for children with special needs and autism. The vandalism put a pause of the purchase of the building. Sonnenberg hoped if things were cleaned up quickly she could still buy the building and start a summer camp. The grand opening of the camp was scheduled for June 6th, but there was another setback.

\"Once they had started to clean up, they had pulled up the flooring and there was asbestos underneath. Its the cleanup and the removal of the asbestos that they have to do,\" said Sonnenberg.

All the damage totals up to around $200, 000 dollars.

\"When I was watching the news, my wife and I saw the story I couldn't' believe that the school out there in Wilmot had been vandalized,\" said Frank Trecroci. He's the found of Pleasant Prairie Renaissance Daycare and School.

Trecroci gave Sonnenberg a call.

\"I know what that's like to try and get a school open. So I said--'if there's anything that you need please let us know,'\" said Trecroci.

They needed a building.

\"We actually have some space available,\" said Trecroci. That began the partnership between Sonnenberg and Trecroci.

Sonnenberg's students will take the first floor of the building.

\"It came just at the right time. It was a complete blessing,\"said Sonnenberg.

She hasn't bought the school in Wilmot yet.

\"We are focusing on getting everybody what they need now. As the weeks go by and we hit the first milestone then we will see what's next and what's in store,\" said Sonnenberg.

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